With a serious attitude, we strive to develop various metal processing lubrication and surface treatment products.With a variety of customized solutions, fast and complete technical support. For various metal processing industry customers' lubrication problems, we provide a variety of complete solutions. Received the support and affirmation of customers.


Integrate customers' processing conditions, design products from a professional perspective, and provide complete product technical support. Adopt the research and development method of reverse thinking, and think about the development of new products from the perspective of technology and customers. Products have market advantages in terms of function, quality and cost.


Various types of pickling additives, rust preventative oil, cutting oil, pressing plate oil, drawing oil, polishing oil, pressing processing oil, rust remover, glass grinding fluid,galvanizing additive, adhesion preventive agent, circulation oil, release agent, coating agent, engine oil.

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Thanks to the customers and suppliers who have given Peisun care and support.Without your support, there would be no Peisun today.Looking forward to the long-term future,we will still be able to grow together with you.peisun will face various challenges with unparalleled courage and perseverance, strive for perfection with each passing day, and look forward to making greater contributions to the industry.